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Logan Moore

Senior Pastor

        2017 to present

Personal Mission Statement: 

To glorify God to the best of my abilities in every endeavor. 

Education / Experience: 

Arlington Baptist College (Heartland Baptist Bible College  2006 - 2007)  - Bachelor's Degree in 2011. 

Ordained August 2017 at Ocheltree Baptist Church.

Youth Pastor - Thompson Baptist Church & Wayne Avenue Baptist Church

Music Director - Wayne Avenue Baptist Church

About Me: 

     Raised in Texas and married to Alison since 2010 with 3 young children.  It was at SilverState Baptist Youth Camp that I heard a sermon about Peter being the only one getting out of the boat and getting his feet wet. The preacher pointed this toward the work of the ministry. We needed to get out of our place of comfort our boat, and get our feet wet in the ministry. It was at this time that I felt the Lord leading me to surrender to full-time ministry. I have since taken God's calling on my life very seriously and sought out a biblical education in order to put myself in the best position possible to relay the message that changed my life.

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