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Our History

     Ocheltree Baptist Church was started March 29, 1959 as a bus ministry by Rev. Charles Clinkenbard.  A building was erected at 200 W Adams in Ocheltree, Kansas, during Bro. Clinkendbard's ministry.  Bro Clinkenbard was followed by Rev. Kenneth Johnson, Rev. Dean Swenson, Rev. Dale Organ, Rev. Charles Register, Rev. Bill Betus, Rev Richard Summers, Rev. Lee Roth, Rev. Irvin Middlebusher and our present pastor, Rev. Logan Moore.
     The Church purchased 2.5 acres to the west  (20680 W 199th Street in Spring Hill, Kansas) under the leadership of Rev Swenson in 1974.
     The Church was officially organized at the end of 1978 into 1979 under the leadership of Bro. Charles Register through the help of El Bethel Baptist Church of Belton, Missouri.
      Bro. Rich Summers in September 1988 led the church by faith, to begin construction of their first building on the 2.5 acres purchased earlier.  Bro.  Summers led the church in a missions ministry and discipleship program.
     During the ministry of Rev. Lee Roth the basement of the church building was completed and the building paid off!

     Rev. Irvin Middlebusher became pastor on Sunday, December 24, 1995.  Under his ministry the AWANA program was begun in the late 1990s.  In 2003-4 Bro Middlebusher led the church in building a multi-purpose building and it was paid off in 2016.

     At Easter in 2017, Rev Logan Moore stepped in as Senior Pastor and Bro Middlebusher became Pastor Emeritus. 

     Our church goal is to win the lost to Christ through local evangelism and world-wide missions and to disciple our members in God's Word.  We thank God for the many years of service and pray for His continued blessing and divine guidance as we serve Him.

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