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Travis Reynolds

Youth Pastor

        August 2020 to present

Personal Mission Statement: 

First, to be obedient to God in every area of life.  Second, to share the truth and love of God with others.  Third, to have a positive impact in my community.

Education / Experience: 

Crown Southwest/Norris Bible Baptist Seminary 

Youth Pastor - Ocheltree Baptist Church Spring Hill, KS

Assistant Pastor - Friendship Baptist Church Tioga, TX

About Me: 

Travis was raised in Roswell, NM, where his parents met at Tabernacle Baptist Church under the ministry of Onsy Whicker.  Travis grew up active in church and was saved in kindergarten during Vacation Bible School.  However, he did not have a strong relationship with God until he attended Youth Conference at West Coast Baptist College.  The theme of the Conference was ‘The Power of God’, and God was able to get a hold Travis’ heart and call him into the ministry.  Travis began making plans to attend bible college and has since focused his life on serving God in full-time ministry.


Travis had the opportunity to work alongside a church planter for 7 years in Texas, where he met Sarah Johnson.  Sarah had lived in the Kansas City area her whole life and the two were set up by a mutual friend.  They quickly realized that they both shared a desire to serve God with their lives.  Travis and Sarah were married in 2017 and have served in ministry together since. 


They came to Ocheltree Baptist Church in 2020 and have a true passion to see young people understand God’s word and see the difference He can make in their lives.

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